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President Barack Obama (L-R), Vice President Joe Biden and Biden's son Hunter Biden attend an NCAA basketball game between Georgetown University and Duke University in Washington, January 30, 2010. Biden and his family volunteered for the event during the National Day of Service as part of the 57th Presidential Inauguration. (ARMEND NIMANI/AFP/Getty Images) US vice president Joe Biden (C) walks with his son in law Howard Krien (L) during a visit to a local food court in Singapore on July 26, 2013. Vice President Joe Biden (L) is joined by his wife Jill Biden (4th L) and their family for remarks at a volunteer project to assemble care kits for U. military service members and veterans at a Unite America in Service event at the National Guard Armory in Washington, January 19, 2013. Vice President Joe Biden, waves onstage with Biden family members at the Kids Inaugural concert for children and military families, one of the events ahead of the second-term inauguration of U. President Barack Obama in Washington January 19, 2013. On his first visit to Kosovo since 2009 -- the year after it unilaterally declared independence from Serbia -- Biden held talks with President Hashim Thaci and other leaders before a dedication ceremony naming a road after his late son.The widow of Joe Biden’s late son Beau Biden has started a romantic relationship with Beau’s brother Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s younger son.Hallie was devastated when her husband, Beau, died after suffering from brain cancer in May 2015.When Emily is waylaid by a mysterious illness, Kumail is forced to take charge of the crisis with her parents, Beth (Hunter) and Terry (Romano). Theproject is based on the real life courtship of a Pakistani-born comedian and a grad student who fall in love, but struggle as their cultures clash. A conversation with Holly Hunter coming up in just a moment. But number two, I mean, there’s some serious issues in this thing and you guys have to kind of find the funny around those things. [Walmart Sponsor Ad] Announcer: And by contributions to your PBS station from viewers like you. Tavis: Pleased to welcome Holly Hunter back to this program. Hunter: Well, you know, the interesting thing is it’s a great way to put it except that I don’t think we had to find what was funny really. You know, Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon, who wrote it about their own lives, they firmly wanted it to be in that genre, and it really is. I’ve been away from it, you know, in movies for a while, so it’s really fun. Hunter’s first Academy Award nomination was for her portrayal of a driven career-woman producer in the feature film “Broadcast News.” In 1993, she received the Best Actress Academy Award for her performance as a mute Scottish widow in Jane Campion’s “The Piano”, while simultaneously being nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her performance as the investigative secretary in “The Firm,” based on the John Grisham novel. [Walmart Sponsor Ad] Announcer: And by contributions to your PBS station from viewers like you.

'"Sitting next to Hardwicke on the couch in cool neutrals with her trademark mane of long auburn hair - only just resisting the urge to just lie down completely she says - is fellow Southerner Holly Hunter, who plays Wood's recovering alcoholic, deeply in-denial mother Melanie in the film.For a woman who doesn't even have children in real life, Hunter has played more than her fair share of mothers on screen, from wilfully silent Ada in The Piano, to George Clooney's fussy ex-wife and the momma to a brood of 12 or so in O Brother, Where Art Thou?, to the murderous Wanda Holloway in the self-explanatorily titled The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom.She lent her voice to the Pixar film The Incredibles. She starred as Grace Hanadarko on the TV series Saving Grace from 2007 to 2010. She was married to Janusz Kaminski from 1995 to 2001.

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