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Virtual mode gives you a higher degree of control by allowing you to wait until a cell is actually being displayed to provide the value it will contain.The following C# source code illustrate how to connect a Data Grid View to a database and new/update or delete the database values from Data Grid View.That worked fine for updates, but then I found that three records were inserted into the database when I added a new row to the Data Grid View (the data gets inserted, then a null value, then the data again).After digging around on the web for most of the day, I found that the , but would when using a click on a save button (since all the Data Grid View events would complete before the button click event fires).I need to be able to update the both the Active user Check box and the Comment Columns from this view I hope someone can help Thx Flakky 7.At this point we have created most of the components required to produce the view so the next stage is to actually write some code so that the view will be populated when the form is run.

Bound mode is suitable for managing data using automatic interaction with the data store.I have a problem that am trying to solve for hours.Its 2 in the morning and even after reading tones of articles I still cannot solve the problem.10 Find your update sproc from the list provided and select it and click finish.( you could also add you DELETE and ADD sprocs to the Data Set at this point). Run the application and then try editing a field that is editable by your sproc in my case the field could be the comment or activeuser fields.

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