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Like, it just felt unreal.” Campillo was not available for interviews, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office announced.

is a VH1 reality show (remember when VH1 was a station for Kenny Rogers videos?

Luna said she told investigators she was high on drugs at the time, claiming during a jailhouse interview on Jan. “I remember him trying to help me,” Luna said of Campillo.

9 that her skin was “just on fire,” as if it were burning. “But there was a lot of stuff I didn’t have control over.

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Luna was arrested after losing control of the stolen truck when she crashed into another vehicle on Interstate 10, near Eloy.

” Luna initially told the officer she was raped — which she recanted in custody — but said she was OK as she walked away from Campillo and around his pick-up truck while asking the deputy for a “jacket or something.” Campillo then went to get Luna a blanket when she hopped in the truck and drove off, sparking a 70-mile chase that involved multiple law enforcement agencies.

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