No contact rule dating

A lot of my readers make the mistake of believing that completing the no contact rule is all that they need to do in order to win their exes affections back.

While the no contact rule is an essential part of the “get your ex back” process but it’s not everything that you have to do in order to be successful.

I’m letting her do what she wants but I’m going back to n/c. I tell my clients: Before you do anything ask yourself: “Why am I doing this? They returned because of them – their fears, their insecurities, their issues.

It was a guy I wasn’t even all that into, but when he dumped me? I didn’t get that chance, but I did learn a valuable lesson: implementing no contact to get him back. And it is also a necessary component of finding yourself in this breakup. Using the No Contact Rule after a breakup to get him back means just that – no contact. Because the problem with giving in to his wishy-washy behavior is that you reinforce for this man you used date the fact that you will always be there.

Question: I’ve read many of your articles and answers and I think n/c if used properly is way more powerful than you give it credit for. There is the right reason and wrong reason to use no contact, if you must use it at all.

Remember, the no contact rule is a universal rule that you can use for your situation too.

There is a common misconception that I see all too often on this site.

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