Dating of jesus crucifixion

Crucifixion of Jesus - The Roman Practice In 1968, the historical veracity for the crucifixion of Jesus took another leap forward.

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One can only imagine the immense pain and despair that Jesus’ family, friends, and apostles felt as they watched the torture and apparent death of our Savior.

Awhile back, I read an article on your site, I believe it was in Ask A Bible Teacher, in which someone gave the dates of His crucifixion, the date of his burial, resurrection, ascension. I am asking these questions because my 20 year old son is asking me questions, and is searching for answers.

I couldn’t find that particular article on your site. Sadly, he has not come to Christ for salvation….along with my 18 year old daughter.

Since Caiaphas is only associated with one crucifixion -- that of Jesus -- the assumption is that these were the nails used, Jacobovici said.

"If these were found in any other tomb, we would not be here today." During his search for the missing nails, Jacobovici visited Tel Aviv University and stumbled across two iron nails dating back to the same era, which were discovered in Jerusalem 20 years ago -- which he believes were the ones found in Caiaphas's tomb.

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