Dating fernandes guitars by headstock shape amp logo Kannada sex chat me

action=view¤t=p1050387I'm kind of on the fence about this guitar. On the downside I have difficulties getting used to the low frets. On mine the truss rod adjusts at the heel with a phillips type so I don't know about that.

The late 90's model to present will have the palace-shape and 3 screws truss rod covers."So, how to identify if it's the real deal or not I have no idea. EDIT: Been going through their whole product list on their homepage but can't see that particular model. EDIT2: Maybe this can be helpful for you: Z10000000004209844Found this page: know if it is of any help, but if you scroll down they write a bit about serialization of Fernandez guitars.The electric guitars in this range are manufactured in the Far East and typically sold as part of a starter package with a Squier SP-10 practice amplifier (e.g.In 2006-2007 the Fender website identified them as being sold through Best Buy, Target, Sam's Club, and Costco outlets.I'm not a big fan of the Strat bridge pickup on its own on any strat. I find when they are properly adjusted they are one of my favorite Strat pickups period, very '60's sounding. The dimensions of the vibrato-cavity are different on both guitars. Regards, Tobias Tobias, Fernandes is famous for being inconsistent. Just remember to play with the pickup heights and you'll find nirvana. I can tell your a player and when I go from jumbo frets to vintage, I just use a softer grip. Chris Thanks again Chris, It's good to know that variation in materials and appearance is normal for Fernandes guitars. I messed with the height of the bridge PU a bit, but found out I already had set everything pretty much to my liking (all pickups relatively low). It appears to be an LE1 (Limited Edition) with the nib sanded off and maybe refinished.They are vintage size frets with a 7.25 radiused neck. I just was playing one of my guitars with Jumbo frets and then grabed the Strat. Both have the same vibrato-block which is thicker than the Fernandes ones I've seen on the net. I'll indeed play with pick-up-height a bit, see what results that yields. Regards, Tobias Toby, I'm from the school of lowering the pickups and keeping them about 1/8" above the pickguard on the bass side and a little higher on the treble side. Mine actually has a serial number on the neck plate. I also know that I bought it new in early '84 and it was in the store for a while. The combination of the bridge and middle PU works nicely, just the bridge PU on its own has too little bass and too much treble. I've never seen an LE1 without the little nib but this is Fernandes.

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